October 2020

Breathe, Nourish, Rise

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Artwork courtesy of Andrew Reid. Follow Andrew on Instagram.

No action needed on your part, I’m just glad you’re here. I welcome you and welcome October. 

In my workshops and writing, I help you be in the moment (breathe). But some times also require a looking back and looking forward. Now is one of them.

Photo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Public Domain.

Last month saw the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She fought tirelessly for equality and to uphold the Constitution. We can do no less. Next month, we decide the fate of our democracy and our nation. Are you registered to vote?  We the people includes you. Be part of the democratic process, even as the president attacks it. Your vote counts, now more than ever.  Exercise your voter rights.   It’s the American thing to do.

Now breathe. Nourish yourself.  Support your body and make your mouth happy with dishes vibrant with seasonal produce like:

barley and herb salad 

pomegranate lentils

soupe joumou

Coming soon:

Conscious Cookery, my new e-book, with more conscious, easy, plant-based recipes that give you more for less 

The Joy of Sprouting, growing bean sprouts and greens sprouts is quick, easy, delicious, cheap. It all starts with a seed. Learn to sprout with my DIY sprouting video for Fullei Fresh.

My profile of Urban Oasis Project’s Art Friedrich, as part of Huffington Post’s Voices in Food series.

Fresh From the Garden, cooking with seasonal produce, my video series with Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

In case you missed it —my Cheese Professor story.  Smile and say vegan cheese plus Amethyst Ganaway and her okra soup.

This Month

October 5  Miami peeps, today’s the deadline to register to vote

October 12  Indigenous People’s Day 

October 25 World Pasta Day — A holiday we can all celebrate

More pasta recipes to noodle over at soulfulvegan.com

October 31 Halloween  — All treats, no tricks, please.  It’s already been a plenty scary year.

November 1 catch me on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Lunchtime Live on FB, the Get Out the Vote edition

Daylight Savings Time, turn back time, people.  At least turn your clock back an hour.

November 3 Election Day —This election is not about a man, it’s about democracy and the Constitution.  Do you believe in them?  Do you value them? Will you uphold them?