May 2021

Soaring to New Heights

We’ve made it through a whole horrible year of Covid. Maybe we didn’t all learn a foreign language, master sourdough, run a marathon, or half a dozen things we promised we’d do in lockdown, but we’ve all changed. Some friends have pushed themselves to new heights:

L’Artisane Bakery's Carolina Molea, goddess of vegan pastry, opened a beautiful new brick and mortar bakery and rolled out her online business, so if you can’t get to L’Artisane, her croissants and macarons can come to you.

Photo via L’Artisane Bakery Instagram

Main Street Vegan creator and founder Victoria Moran has become a certified yogini.

Melissa Frantz and daughter Justine, design mavens that they are, launched the curated artisan site Event Village.

A friend found the strength to end an abusive relationship.

The Organic Marketing Association is here to share the fun side of organic. Glad to be part of this dynamic team.

Benjamin and I just adopted Potcake (née Bongo), a rescue dog.  He’s part Beagle, part Corgi and entirely sweet.  

I’ve been at work on a new cookbook.  I’m now at the dreaded book proposal stage and would like your help with a little market research. What are your go-to cookbooks?  Let me know.  

Let me know about your own victories, too. How have you pivoted, changed, found resilience?  I want to spread the news and cheer you on.  Contact me via my website or through Instagram or Facebook.

Last week marked a long overdue moment in American social justice. And yet last week was also the worst week ever for Covid cases. Resilience is an inspiring, sometimes confounding aspect of being human, but we still need to look out for ourselves and each other. Please get vaccinated. Do it for the people you love. When we come together as a bouquet of humanity, we accomplish miracles.

May is Mediterranean Diet Month. Centuries old, the Mediterranean Diet is still hot now. This way of eating ticks all the boxes. It’s healthy, sustainable, easy, affordable, and above all, delectable. 

Oldways, the nonprofit promoting heritage diets for wellness, helps you make the most of Mediterranean Diet Month with their free 28-day Mediterranean Diet plan.  Taste why  U.S. News & World Report ranks the Mediterranean Diet :

#1 Best Plant-Based Diet
#1 Best Heart-Healthy Diet 
#1 Best Diabetes Diet
#1 Best Diet for Healthy Eating
#1Easiest Diet to Follow

The Mediterranean Diet — it’s a winner.

May 5  Cinco De Mayo, celebrating Mexico’s 1862 defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla.  It’s not just cinco de drinko. A little respect, people. 

May 8 3:30pm ET I’m excited to be offering a Feeding the Hungry Ghost reading and recipe through our friends at Chatham Public Library. It’s free and open to the public. Register here. I’d love to see you (virtually, anyway).  

May 9 Mother’s Day. Sending love to all the moms out there.  

May 13 2pm ET  Join Oldways and me on Instagram Live as I put a plant-based spin on Mediterranean Diet Month 

May 31 Memorial Day, when we honor those in the military who died in the line of duty. We should also honor first responders who died during the pandemic while working to save lives.