June 2021

Summer is in bloom.

Sweet, sticky litchis and mangoes, royal Poinciana in full red, regal bloom — it’s summer in Miami.

Happy Pride Month. Humans come in every style, every flavor, all beautiful, all delicious.

If you’ve been watching my cooking vids on social media, thank you. You may notice I’ve changed the title from Conscious Cookery to Miami Vegan, transitioning to sharing more recipes from what I dearly hope will be my upcoming book. Working title: Miami Vegan. Guess what it’s about?  Call it Conscious Cookery, Miami Vegan or Fred; with me, it’s always about conscious food choices and about celebrating plant-based food, especially with fresh, local produce.  

New videos drop every (well, almost every) Tuesday morning on Instagram and Facebook!

Get hungry.  Chef Taffy Elrod and I are teaming up this month for “Beyond Lettuce — Salads that Satisfy.” Two chefs, one virtual class, a great time and great food guaranteed.  Tentatively scheduled for 6/30 with full details TK. I’m already beyond excited.


June 15  My parents’ wedding anniversary.  May they be holding hands in heaven. 

June 19  Juneteenth, also called Emancipation Day. America, we still have a lot of work to do. But let’s celebrate Black culture and black cuisine with “High on the Hog,”  a terrific four-part Netflix series tracing the African roots of American cookery by Africooks’ queenly Dr. Jessica B. Harris.  Look for Black culinarians and food historians, including Whetstone founder Stephen Satterfield, Afroculinaria’s Michael Twitty, Soul Food Scholar Adrian Miller and the Gullah Diva herself, Sallie Ann Robinson, whom I was honored to interview for SmartMouth.

Try my Juneteenth Bowl.

June 20  Father’s Day. Here’s to dads. You lift us up.

Recipes to Enjoy This Month:

How is summer coming along in your neighborhood? What’s got you excited this season.  I want to share in your joy and cheer you on.  Contact me via my website or through Instagram or Facebook.